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What Is The Body Intervention?

Being healthy and losing weight is often easier said than done. With so much conflicting nutritional information out there it can be confusing to know what is really good for you.

This is why we have kept things simple! The Body Intervention plan is developed by our nutrition and fitness expert, tried and tested by many of our customers and proven to be effective!

  • It is an 8-week comprehensive plan includes exercise, nutrition and support group
  • It will help you to reach your body shape goal
  • You will become fitter, healthier, gain muscle and lose fat
  • It will provide you with an education in nutrition to help sustain your results

8 Week Full Exercise Plan

  • Daily exercise guidance provided to you by your coach
  • Simple to follow and effective to deliver results
  • All exercies videos are available on our website
  • No more than 30 mins exercise per day
  • You can carry out the excercise at home or in the gym

8 Week Full Nutrition Plan

  • Tried and tested meal plans and recipe ideas for the entire programme duration
  • It is NOT a ‘starvation diet’! Depriving your body from calories, is a recipe for failure!
  • Our nutrition plan is to provide your body with what it needs most to perform and change
  • Meal plans include vegetarians too

Full Access to Community and Motivational Support

  • 24/7 access to our private Facebook page
  • Direct access to our team of Coaches for any support you may need
  • Answer any questions, share your journey and your progress
  • A community of like minded people




Don't take my word for it...



My name is Ange King and I have a background in the Hospitality Industry. I have always been a yoyo dieter and battled to lose that last bit of extra weight. I have also suffered all my life with constipation, fatigue and very low energy levels. I really struggled to keep up with the demanding working hours that the hotel industry is synonymous with. At the beginning of December 2009, I got onto the Herbalife products and was absolutely delighted at my immediate results. After 7 weeks, I managed to drop two pants sizes. My energy level were through the roof and my spastic colon was a thing of the past. I have now lost 15kg. Thanks to Herbalife, I wake up every morning feeling fabulous and look forward to the day ahead!

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